You Will Find Your Way


I know….A day is just a day…and come what may, at the end of the day, I will find my way.

Life is a journey and full of twists and turns! Things may get thrown at you and you may get derailed. Trust in yourself and know, it is all just a journey. Walk the path with intention; trust in the process, pursue with purpose, and know you will find your way!


You Learned Your Lessons; Let Them!

Why would you want to rob one of their learning opportunity? Experience is the best teacher, not succeeding the first time is an important lesson. Rescuing is enabling, not supporting. You learned your lessons! Let them learn theirs!

To Know Yourself, Look in Your Perfect Mirror…

You will find this in those who influenced you-and in those who you influence.
Your behavior will be reflected back for you.

This is how you will know…how YOU behave!

No one of us was born knowing how to behave. We learn as we go…

Those you lead, teach, befriend, marry, parent. Those who parented, lead and taught you. These are the mirrors that will reflect to you who you are.

Power Lies in Choice

Allowing others to make your choices gives your power away. Taking others choices away dis-empowers. Being responsible for others choices or others being responsible for yours; either way creates dysfunctional and reliant relations. Creating accountability, stating boundaries and expectations articulately, and ensuring clarity exists creates healthy relationships. In the work place this creates self-reliant, problem-solving, aligned decision-making confident high performers.