Who Is Coach Cora?

Leaders turn to Coach Cora when their results aren’t matching their expectations. Is your business moving in the direction you envision and is your talent optimized?

Is your team performing and producing at the level it is capable of?

Cora puts the focus where the influence is; the leaders! This significantly increases the impact of the work while reducing the cost.

Coach Cora works WITH leaders to create their desired culture through role modeling, congruence, and consistency. Not only does this have a higher impact, this empowers the leader to sustain the culture they create WITH the people of the organization.

When the culture is in place-and understood-processes, policies, systems, goals, and ultimately the vision and/or strategic plan are able to perform and deliver at a significantly higher level!

Coach Cora does not focus on coming in and fixing something then leaving! Coach Cora supports leaders and organizations in LEARNING how to work together to get where they want to be and how to perform at the level they are capable of IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT!

This is lasting and sustainable high performance!